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Clips :)

so it’s been a very long time since we have been around here , well me cause nils i don’t think ever will hahahahha . nils has been on fire though hanging in hawaii all winter scoring some mental waves and pictures w a rumored super nuts one in 1 of the big 3 soon ??!!! we will see i hope so cause the kid deserves it , oh yah he also just won the Kona Pro comp in NSB last week which means it has stayed in the “Burna” very year that it has ran !!!! so he is on fuego basically right now , funny thing is we gave him that name when he was a grom and looks like it’s sticking yewwwwwwwwwww !! and myself i haven’t been up to shit but cruzzzzzzin in central america the last 3 months , but hey somebody has to do the tough jobs right !!!!did manage to gather up a few clips from a buddy Casey Rossi who filmed one day here , made the edit myself . hope u enjoy , n as they say here in costa “Pura Vida” or the pure life 


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Anonymous asked: What size boards do you take to Hawaii for winter?

i would usually bring a shortboard and 6’0 , 6’3 , 6’5 and 6’9 not a super charger so that covers wut i want 

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Anonymous asked: Yo bro, how much time do you spend in Hawaii each year??? Any trips planned soon?-Webby

havent been in last 2 years , i went before that every feb/march for a month at least . i really like it there

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Anonymous asked: Have you surfed the mini driver? What is your go to board on an average day at monster hole?

yah i have they r sikkkk , and monster hole ???? ask some one who surfs there cause i ever have i am from New Smyrna Beach 

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Nils in hawaii

so it’s been a lil bit since we have had a post on here , but we have been quite busy chasing waves , girls , and wutever else hahahah !! myself is lost in central america for a while , but my boy Nils is in hawaii doing work !!the volcom pipe event is about to get underway this next day or so and if u were smart u would put ur $$$$ on him . his preformance in the last couple event are pretty rad , as he had the drop of the event the first year that was jaw dropping on a 10fter.  here is is getting a mental shot at backdoor yesterday !! go and watch the event and support nils and a few others like burger and carlos munos , i think nils shot is number 7 in the story


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Anonymous asked: what do you think about wavejet?

i dont think about it cause i have never tried it , but i know it weights like 150 pounds

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Anonymous asked: what boards would you ride if you couldn't use mayhems?

ahhahahaha welli really dont know ?? maybe a local shaper in nsb 

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Anonymous asked: have you ever tried stay covered wax?? some ooie gooy good smellin stuff, maby youll like it

nah i havent tried it ???

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Anonymous asked: When we gunna see you at Ponce again?

not for a while , being outta country the next few months

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Anonymous asked: Whats the best bar in Smyrna?

NONE they all suk !! but Yu Mi sushi bar is pretty epic tell um i sent ya

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Anonymous asked: yo Gorks, if u had a choice, where in Centro would you go in May? El Salvador, Nica, or Costa Rica? PEEEEACe.

they r all epic places to go to , so maybe put the names in a hat and pick 1 out or go to all on a lil backpack trip 

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Anonymous asked: what mayhem models work the best for you in playa hermosa, CR?

not sure but a F1 could be a good1 for there , maybe a lil roundtail